About us

Healthy, convenient & oh-so-tasty

Hi, we’re Eden’s Bloom. Our mission? To reshape baby-led weaning with our scrumptious and convenient meals filled to the brim with wholesome goodness. First, we carefully source premium whole fruits, vegetables, and grains from around the world — ensuring sustainability every step of the way. We then freeze-dry these ingredients to lock in their goodness, and our expert chefs create yummy recipes that we know your kids will adore.

Once upon a time

Our story began when co-founder Eva Joseph, a new mum, wanted to feed her daughter natural meals without compromising on quality or spending hours in the kitchen. With that, Eden's Bloom was born — providing fellow parents with a hassle-free solution for nutritious baby-led weaning.

“The idea of giving my daughter an off-the-shelf pouch just didn’t sit right with me. The process to preserve the product requires the purees be heated to such high temperatures, that all nutrients are destroyed.”

Nourishment with peace of mind

Co-founder Darren Joseph is on the same page, wanting peace of mind for parents when it comes to their children’s nutrition. He’s all about introducing a delicious array of flavours that enrich the diets of little ones using only the finest ingredients.

“After our own journey in weaning our little one, we knew there was a real need for a convenient and healthy option that caregivers could easily prepare.”

Happily ever after

We’ve spent two years perfecting flavoursome, nutrient-packed products — guided by invaluable feedback from our community of parents. Committed to allergen-free and plant-based options, we’ve created a no-fuss product that prioritises gut health, complex flavours, and happy, healthy development.